Thursday, 12 July 2012

New Concept in Cooking – Spirit Sprays

I have used oil sprays in cooking before but now there is a new concept in adding a dash of cognac to your dish. Two creators in Beaune, Burgundy, have just launched a range of spray-on spirits to update their use in the kitchen. Jean-David Camus and Philippe Stark have founded Brumes Gourmandes:

We began with the idea of reviving the use of spirits in cooking, as they are part of our gastronomical heritage”

The sprays are handcrafted in Burgundy and range from Marc de Bourgogne, Fine de Bourgogne, Prunelle de Bourgogne, Cognac, Pastis, Poire Williams Brandy, Kirsch, Rum and Whiskey:

The main advantage is the dose. The perfect quantity can be used, according to the tastes of everyone at the table. Furthermore, millions of droplets that explode are extremely flavourful. Also, one can precisely target the different parts of the dish one wants to flavour”.

The bottles resemble perfume bottles – which isn't surprising considering that their creators have worked in the perfume sector. With 20 years of experience in the spirits industry, the two partners select the producers and cuvees, and then create their own original blends:

This is where classic gastronomical products and new methods of application, that of a spray, meet. Since it is a novel method of application for spirits, we wanted it to resemble something that already exists, such as perfume bottles”

If we don’t reintroduce spirits to cooking in a different manner, our children won’t use them”, claims Jean-David Camus, who also underlines the risk that small local producers of sprits will disappear in the future. “If we do nothing, in a few years’ time there will only be 50 big brands of spirits worldwide and no small producers.”

It seems a great idea and I can't wait to try one!


lostpastremembered said...

I want to try them too! What a great idea!!!

Sue said...

Please let me know how you get on with it Deanna :-)