Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ladies With Bottle – Strange Summer Tipples

Summer time brings a rush of new drinks and cocktails to the market as companies compete for our taste buds. 'Carnivorous Cocktails' are said to be the in thing over in the USA at the moment and some of the strangest innovations include a Smoked Salmon Vodka from Alaska Distillery. It has turned out to be one of their more popular brands, especially when used in Bloody Mary cocktails.

There is also a bacon flavoured vodka: Bakon Vodka which is distilled from potatoes with a peppery bacon flavour added.

I love Bloody Marys and can see how smoked salmon and bacon flavours could work with the cocktail although I must admit I'm not too convinced about the Scorpion flavoured vodka, Skorppio . . . which contains a real, farm raised, edible scorpion. Yuck!

It is 5 times distilled and made from wheat and the company assure us that the scorpion's venom is rendered harmless.

Flavoured vodkas are all the rage today and some sound more appealing than others. Sputnik Rose Vodka is flavoured with rose oils taken from petals that have been hand picked from the Black Sea in Russia and Ukraine, Van Gogh Vodka's PB & J is peanut butter and jelly flavoured, Pinnacle Vodka do a Cookie Dough flavour, Smirnoff's Fluffed Marshmallow has flavours of marshmallow and whipped cream and Three Olives produce a bubblegum flavoured vodka.

Another strange beverage is Cynar, a bitter apéritif made from artichokes. It's made by the Campari Group from artichoke leaves harvested in Italy's Po Valley.

Bols have released a brand new drink to the UK this May which is apparently the first ever natural Yoghurt Liqueur (however there is a precedent in Japan: Yogurito).

I have heard of alcoholic drinks made from milk before but not yoghurt – Mongolia has a drink made from fermented mare's milk which is popular amongst the peoples of the Central Asian Steppes. In 19th century Russia it was known as Kumis and marketed as Milk Champagne. It was supposed to have health benefits and was used against bronchitis anaemia and TB.

Bols Yoghurt Liqueur is made with fresh white yoghurt and has a sweet and sour flavour. Bols recommend that you can either serve chilled or used as an ingredient in cocktails.

I wonder if any of these flavours appeal to you – if so, which ones?