Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Concept in Wine: A Mood and Wine Matching Website

We all have matched a wine with our mood at one point in time whether we are aware of it or not but I doubt that any of us have actually gone out and purposefully bought a wine to match our mood. The Drinks Business is reporting that a new website has been launched with precisely this idea in mind. Oddbins is the creator of this new mood and wine matching site and it has some intriguing ideas.

The site has 8 sections: Adventurous Wines, Adversity Wines, Contemplation wines, Convivial Wines, Passionate Wines, Going-Out Wines, Staying-In Wines and Celebration Wines. Each wine is paired with a suggestion for what music to listen to with it, what to think about with it, what to eat with it and when to drink it.

My curiosity piqued, I clicked on Passionate Wines which read: “Transported by the moment? Madly in love? Planning long and drawn-out retribution? A wine to pair with each of the humours. Dark or light . . .” I chose Grange des Roc Red 2009 and the suggestions were to drink it when playing guitar whilst listening to Keith Richards, thinking about going on the road and eating Halloumi Kebabs. I had hoped for something a little more juicy . . .

It seems that Oddbins don't think Bordeaux is very passionate – a quick search for Bordeaux reveals that Château Jaumard 2009 is best drunk whilst reading a classic novel listening to Sigur Ross, thinking of truths universally acknowledged and eating steak and mushroom pie. Château Sissan 2010 doesn't fare much better – it is best drunk when eating Sunday roast with friends whilst listening to Miles Davies, thinking about buying a dog and eating . . . the Sunday roast.

I reckon I could do better than that – perhaps I ought to talk Nick into letting me loose on a Girl's Night with a selection of Bordeaux-Undiscovered's best so that we can come up with some passionate suggestions for our wines? Could be fun!

Oddbins plan to increase the number of wines on the site from 100 to 500 in the coming weeks: “E-commerce is an extremely important part of the new Oddbins going forward. The design and content of the new website is in keeping with the Oddbins philosophy of making wine as accessible as possible for consumers,” said managing director Ayo Akintola.

I wonder if they are open to suggestions?

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