Monday, 26 September 2011

Sloe Gin Liqueur Chocolates

If you have been making Sloe Gin and are wondering what to do with the sloes that are left after you have strained them from the gin you can make Liqueur Chocolates with them! Sloes that are removed from the gin after 2 to 3 months are best and the stones can be removed by pressing a knife over the fruits so that they pop out.

Melt 250g of milk chocolate
Add 4oz sloes
Mix well and pour into ice cube trays
Leave to cool

I have added Almond essence to my Bullace Gin this year and will add crushed almonds to the mix when making my chocolates.

You can buy chocolate moulds and make individually filled Liqueur Chocolates each containing a plump gin infused sloe but this is quite time consuming (the best recipe I have found is here).

I was wondering who invented Liqueur Chocolates and it seems that in 1913 Swiss chocolate maker Jules Sechaud of Montreux introduced a machine process for manufacturing filled chocolates. The Swiss Master Chocolatiers Villars invented the first chocolate bar filled with liqueur in 1935, Larmes de Kirsch. Villars still make these and the fillings are Kirsch, Poire William, Cognac, Coing (Quince Liqueur), Damson Liqueur, Walnut Liqueur, Absinthe and Apricot Liqueur. They also make Larmes d'Edelweiss which is a milk chocolate bar filled with Edelweiss Liqueur!

Edelweiss Liqueur is said to have a light herbal taste with hints of honey and chestnuts. This Liqueur, distilled from Switzerland's national flower, is manufactured in small quantities in cantons Neuchtel and Valais by Christian Borel-Jaquet and Stphane Keller.

There is a tradition of making alcoholic drinks from flowers in France, Italy and Germany but the only traditional one I can think of here in the UK is Elderflower, Rose and Hawthorn which are used to make both wine and liqueur. Does anyone know of more?

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