Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Top Ten Wines, Recipes and Stories for 2010

It's traditional at this time of year to look back at what has gone before and reflect so I thought I would highlight some of the miles we have travelled in the world of wine and food over 2010:

Top 10 Recipes

Sauternes and Christmas: Olive Oil and Sauternes Cake With Lavender Icing

Quince for Christmas: Kydonato Kreas

Maury Recipe: Fillet of Pork with Paprika and Maury Cream Sauce

Petits Pâtés de Pézénas: Petits Pâtés

Encornets Farcis from Sète: Encornets Farcis

Cherry Burgers

Chinese Dishes – Pigs Cheeks, Rose Liqueur and Char Siu: Pig Cheek Char Siu

Muscat Recipes: Bream in Muscat Sauce

Muscat Recipes: Melon and Muscat Gratina

Sweet Onion Tart

Top Ten Wines and Their Stories

Wine from the Côtes de Gascogne and a New Discovery! I was so pleased that this story came in top of the list as it is about my new favourite wine: Sancet! The Côtes de Gascogne were a new discovery for Nick and myself - I had a lot of fun finding out about the AOC and its grapes and I am pleased you enjoyed discovering it with me too!

Chateau Palmer and an Unusual White Bordeaux. A rare white wine produced by Chateau Palmer in the 1920s.

Madiran – the Pilgrim's Wine. The wines of Madiran in Gascony that were known as the pilgrims’ wine, referring to the pilgrims who walked the famous pilgrims’ path Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in Spain ever since the 11th century.

Blanquette de Limoux. Sparkling wines from the Pyrenean foothills, just south of the town of Carcassonne. This wine pre-dates the making of Champagne by about 150 years – local folk lore says that Dom Pérignon was a monk here before moving to the Champagne region and took the secret with him.

Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois. One of the finest Muscats from Minervois which owes its name to Minerva the Roman goddess of wisdom Wine has been produced here since the Romans first settled there.

Chateau Les Eymeries. A Merlot based Claret which comes from the little village of Margueron which lies on the borders of 3 departements: the Gironde, the Dordogne and the Lot et Garonne – not too far from Agen, which is famed for its plums.

Irouléguy and its Wines. Amazing wines from the Basque country – with which we have more in common than we think!

Jurançon Wines. Wines with a Royal connection - Henri of Navarre (Henry IV) was born in 1553 at Château de Pau near Jurançon. When he was christened he had his lips rubbed with a clove of garlic and moistened with a drop of Jurançon wine from which he allegedly derived great vigour and a fervent spirit which were never to leave him!

Discovering Bordeaux Wines. Unusual Bordeaux wines made with a single grape variety.

Banyuls. Delicious sweet wines from the most southerly appellation in France.

I hope you enjoyed reading the Blogs as much as I enjoyed writing them! I am looking forward to what 2011 will bring but in the meantime both Nick and I wish you a Very Happy New Year!


lostpastremembered said...

I would have so much trouble deciding which posts were favorites since I love all that you do. I learn so much with each one and now have a little cache of wines I have collected thanks to your suggestions. I am so looking forward to making the banyuls and muscat dishes after the new year!!! I even have a folder just for your recipes!!! My New Years wish is that I get to share a glass with you when I visit England in the summer!!!

Susan said...

I have so enjoyed your posts this year and getting to know a little better. Wishing you and your husband a very healthy and happy 2011.

Sue said...

Thank you so much Deanna and Susan!

The highlight of this year has been "meeting" you both and reading your blogs - so many great recipes, tips and stories. I have learned so much!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!