Friday, 23 July 2010

Pomerol Hermitage

The only other producer I have heard of in Bordeaux producing a Hermitage wine is Michel Chapoutier (owner of the biodynamic Tain L'Hermitage) who made a batch of Pomerol Hermitage after the 2005 vintage with oenologist Michael Rolland. The wine was produced for charity and was made 50% Merlot from Château Le Bon Pasteu, Rolland's property in Pomerol and 50% Syrah from Chapoutier's l'Ermite. The wine was named, aptly, .

Rolland and Chapoutier intend to create an every time the vintage deserves it (I wonder if they made a 2009?). As this is not permitted under AOC rules since the introduction of the AOC system in 1936 will be labelled simply Vins de Pays.

The wine was sold at auction in aid of Chapoutier's charitable foundation, M. Chapoutier Vins et Santé, set up in 1994 to help children with leukemia.


tasteofbeirut said...

How interesting; I would love to produce some wine and sell it to benefit a charity of my choice.

Green Jeannie said...

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Sue said...

Thanks Joumana!

Sue said...

Hi Jeannie - it's great to hear from you again!! I am off to read your blog right now to catch up