Thursday, 13 May 2010

Languedoc Roussillon – Mauzac

Mauzac is the main grape variety used in Blanquette de Limoux but it is also one of the seven permitted white varieties in Bordeaux. It is referred to in Antiquamareto's Livre de Raison of 1525, but although once widespread, it is grown today only in two appellations: Limoux and Gaillac. Mauzac gives aromas of baked apple, white peach and pear and a spicy finish.

Mauzac buds and ripens late, and was traditionally picked quite late, when temperatures had dropped in Limoux. This allowed for slow fermentation which preserved residual sugar for a "natural" second fermentation in the spring, creating a sparkling wine.

While Mauzac almost always refers to Mauzac Blanc there are also Mauzac varieties with other skin colours; Mauzac Rose and Mauzac Noir. Both of these are very rare in cultivation

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This sounds smooth and delicious! I am learning something new here every time! Thanks!