Monday, 19 April 2010

Muscat Recipes – Melon and Muscat Granita

With summer in mind I thought I would include a recipe for Granita in my Muscat series. Granita is easy to make and this recipe mixes the fragrant orange fleshed cantaloupe melon with the Muscat – it's heavenly!

Melon and Muscat Granita

1 cantaloupe melon
30 cl Muscat
juice of 1 lemon
mint to garnish

Place the Muscat in a pan and caramelize by bringing to the boil. Peel the melon and mix the flesh and juices with the Muscat. Add the lemon juice and place in the freezer. Check every couple of hours and as the mixture freezes whip it with a fork to create crystals. When fluffy serve and decorate with diced mint leaves.


tasteofbeirut said...

What a delightfully refreshing recipe for granita! Combining muscat and melon is a splendid idea; keeping this one in mind for the upcoming warm days!

Sue said...

I like making Granita - it is so easy. I have just found a recipe for making it with Banyuls that I am going to bear in mind for the future!