Thursday, 22 April 2010

Muscat Recipes – Bream in Muscat Sauce

Muscat is often used as a base for vinaigrettes that can then be paired with many types of dishes such as raw fish, scallops, prawns, foie gras and bitter greens. It is also great when used in a sauce and really brightens up the dish.

Bream in Muscat Sauce
4 fillets of bream
100g scallops
50g prawns
20cl Muscat
30cl double cream
knob of butter
15cl of lemon juice
Parsley, salt, pepper

Marinate the bream, scallops and prawns in Muscat and lemon juice for 15 mins. Add the parsley, salt and pepper. Add butter and cook for 15 minutes. Then add the cream and reduce the heat. Cover pot and simmer for an hour. Serve hot with rice or green vegetables.


tasteofbeirut said...


Another great recipe!

Nick said...

Thanks! I enjoy cooking as much as Sue!