Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Languedoc Roussillon – Pélardon Cheese

The Cévennes are also renowned for their goats cheese - Pélardon – which has been protected by an AOC since 2000, which ensures its provenance. It is round soft-ripened cheese covered in a white mould and once graced the tables of Romans, according to Pliny. It has a dry and spicy taste and originated by farmer's conserving goat's milk to use over the winter several centuries ago.

The goats, still kept in small herds in accordance with pastoral tradition, eat grasses, oaks, broom, acorns, heather, chestnuts and other herbs. As a result, they produce a rich milk that contributes to the characteristics of the Pélardon.

The milk is left to curdle after each milking. The cheeses are moulded from fresh curds by ladle which gives it is specific shape. Ageing to improve the cheese's flavour must last for at least eleven days.

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