Thursday, 25 February 2010

Languedoc Rousillon - Cheeses

Pérail Cheese

Pérail cheese is made in the Aveyron region of France, where Roquefort is produced. As Roquefort's renown grew, along with the demand for the sheep's milk to make it, the local shepherds began selling most of their milk to the Roquefort producers. But many of them always kept a little milk to make small Pérail cheeses for their families. Pérail is thin, flat and a little like Brie. It is a pale straw colour with a pinkish tinge and a nutty aroma.

Bleu des Causses Cheese

Bleu des Causses is a blue cheese made from cow's milk and is considered a mild variant of Roquefort. The cheese is aged for 3–6 months in Gorges du Tarn's natural limestone caves is made along the border of the Lozère and Aveyron . Bleu des Causses has had its own AOC since 1975. Originally Bleu des Causses was made with a mixture of sheep's' and cows' milk, and because cows' milk is more plentiful and cheaper, the cheese became known as the poor man's Roquefort.

Tomme des Pyrenees

Tomme des Pyrenees is usually seen covered in a thin black skin. It was once made from three different kinds of milk: cow, goat and sheep but nowadays it is made from cows' milk. It was first mentioned in the 12th century and was enjoyed by the nobles of St-Girons in Ariège – even King Louis VI knew this cheese of the Pyrenees. The texture is supple and the taste is creamy and only slightly salty. The colour is normally ivory white, varying to pale yellows.


Susan said...

Sue, thanks for the cheese information. We will definitely be on the look out for Perail when we spend 8 days in the Aveyron region in May!

Sue said...

Thanks Susan! How I envy you going to the Aveyron! We are off to Bordeaux in April for the en primuer tastings but won't get much time spare. If you are interested in the Languedoc check out
by Jennifer Greco. It's a feast of french food and loads of facts about the area as she lives there (lucky girl).

I can't wait to hear about your travels

Pam said...

I've never heard of Tomme des Pyrenees cheese, it sounds delicious! Actually, they all do! Thanks for the info!

Sue said...

Thanks Pam! I have a great big shopping list ready for when Nick and I go to Bordeaux (if I can sneak away from the wine tastings) and I hope to find lots more goodies!

Anonymous said...

i love france, its cheeses n its wines!!!! actually, all 'f 'em!