Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Chicken With Cherries and Tarragon

1 chicken
2 – 3 sprigs tarragon
½ oz butter
white wine
toasted walnuts
vinaigrette dressing
gravy from the roasting pan, strained and well skimmed
stoned cherries
tarragon leaves

Put the tarragon and a little butter inside each bird. Spread the birds with butter and roast in the French method with white wine in the pan. When cooked allow to cool. Carve and arrange the pieces in a nest of lettuce and pour over the sauce.

(Chicken is a delicately flavoured and rather dry meat and sometimes cooking can dry up those natural juices. The French method conserves these and cooking is slower and longer. For the French method of roasting put sprigs of tarragon or parsley inside the chicken with a small knob of butter and seasoning. Rub the breast of the chicken with butter and place a few slices of bacon on the top. Place in a roasting tin with ½ pint stock or white wine. Roast for up to an hour in a moderate oven.)

To make the sauce add the gravy from the roasting pan to the vinaigrette dressing with cream to taste. Add this to some stoned cherries and a few chopped leaves of tarragon. Spoon the sauce carefully over the chicken and scatter toasted walnuts over the surface.

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