Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Caviar Beauty Treatments

Remember that commercial on television where a Hollywood celebrity justifies buying an expensive hair product with the tag line, ‘I’m worth it’? Cosmetic companies are banking on the fact that their customers will feel the same way and purchase some of the newest luxury products – and yes caviar is one of them. Maybe there is method in the madness. Adding caviar to cosmetics may not be just a gimmick. Adding caviar extract to products offers a wealth of vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin and reduce the signs of ageing. Caviar is after all, the eggs of sturgeons. And like all eggs, it contains many nutrients. For years cosmetic companies have added egg powder to shampoos. The oil of the egg yolk has been used to create face masks to give the skin that “firm’ feeling.

Caviar extract is said to be an ideal additive to repair skin damage as well as stimulate the metabolism of the skin cells. It is easily absorbed and is especially effective in moisturising those delicate tissues around the eyes.

While the scientific effects of caviar extract as an anti-ageing agent have yet to be proved, some experts argue that omega-3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish oils, have moisturising properties essential for skin nutrition. Research shows that caviar actually has a cell format similar to human skin and its extract helps to speed up the natural production of collagen.

The thought of rubbing myself all over with caviar as a beauty treatment does not appeal to me (I'd rather eat it) but Angelina Jolie uses caviar beauty treatments to stay looking young. The skin cream is made from the eggs of the Baerii sturgeon - which is reared on farms in the South of France.

The treatment, which can last up to three hours, involves the actress being wrapped up in tight bandages so her body sweats out toxins before she is slathered in the youth-restoring body cream - which claims to fight "slackened skin and loss of firmness".

The high oil and protein content of the sturgeon eggs is believed to be very good for the skin. As well as the full body treatments, Angelina also has facials using caviar-based moisturisers made by cosmetic company La Prairie. Angelina is not the only celebrity who has discovered the skin benefits of caviar. Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta Jones, Rolling Stones star Sir Mick Jagger, supermodel Kate Moss and fashion designer Stella McCartney are all allegedly fans of caviar-based facial treatments.

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