Sunday, 7 June 2009

Pauillac Lamb Breeds

The Blanche du Massif Central

The Blanche du Massif Central is descended from the ancient Caussenard breed, which for 2000 years inhabited the Causses, the dry regions with poor, stony soil bordering the Massif Central from the South to the South-West.

The Tarasconnais

The Tarasconnais is extremely hardy, thriving on dry rough ground and is able to walk long distances. The breed probably originates from a Syrian population that was imported during early invasions of the region. Over the centuries it has experienced many infusions of foreign blood, notably the African Merino, the forefather of the Spanish Merino, which was imported by the Iberians, conquerors of Spain.

The Lacaune

The Lacaune is famous as it is the red sheep whose milk makes Roquefort cheese. These sheep are also well adapted to harsh conditions and rocky terrain.

The Berrichon du Cher

The Berrichon du Cher was established in the Berry region of France and the original breed was crossed with a Merino in the mid-1780's. Further improvements were made in the 1800's with the introduction of the Dishely Leicester. The Berrichon due Cher is compact, well muscled, and medium to large in build.

The Rouge de l'Ouest

The Rouge de l'Ouest (The Red of the West) comes mainly from the Loire area in France. It's name refers to the area that it comes from an its unique pinkish face and legs. Renowned for its rich thick milk the Rouge was originally kept as a dairy sheep producing Camembert cheese.

The Charolais

The Charolais come from the countryside around the town of Charolles in the Saone Loire region of France where is grazes alongside the famous Charollais Cattle. Like the cattle the Charollais sheep is a medium to large size and well muscled.

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