Monday, 13 April 2009

Wine for Women?

Well – it's official. Women prefer red wine. The press is reporting on a recent survey commissioned by Vinexpo that was conducted on magazine websites in the UK, Japan, Germany and the US, including and in the UK. Over 4,000 women responded to the survey commissioned by Vinexpo, revealing a preference for red wine and skepticism for marketing campaigns that target them specifically.

The survey found that in the UK 55% of women prefer red, compared with 35% for white. Rosé is the least favourite at 7%.

It also showed that women wear the trousers as far as choosing the wine goes - women in the UK buy 8 out of every 10 bottles of wine in consumed in the home. Vinexpo's study also shows that women lead the way in wine knowledge and wine purchasing. Women in the UK scored highest for confidence at 61% against an international 41% average.

80% of women said they liked to drink wine because they liked the taste and 70% because it goes well with food. Only one in five said they drank wine because it was fashionable and even fewer because they thought it was good for their health.

Nine out of ten wine purchases were made in supermarkets and specialist wine shops. A third said they bought wine on the internet. Price determined women's choice of wine at 74%, followed by grape variety 64%, country of origin 55% or the label or packaging 42%.

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