Friday, 10 April 2009

Wine for Men?

Is wine gender centric? Do women prefer white wine and men red? Isn't this all a bit old hat? Do wine makers have to consider the sexuality of their consumers before they package up a brand? And here was me thinking that all they needed to do was focus all their efforts into making a good wine. E & J Gallo are launching a new male-oriented wine brand into the UK market. It is targeted at 35 to 65 year old men and will fill a gap in the market for a red wine oriented brand, according to Iain Newell, Marketing Director for Europe.

The Redwood Creek brand is to be rolled out across both the on and off-trade markets after some success in the US, where it is a 2m case brand. The initial range will consist of two reds, a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon and one white wine, a Chardonnay.

The brand will have an emphasis on the “great outdoors,” and tie ups with the Woodland Trust, outdoor clothing label Regatta and the Californian Tourist Board are in the pipeline to drive the association.

“This is more about hiking, fishing and camping than extreme sports and we are planning a programme of events and promotions around these areas to launch and develop the brand,” said Newell. Excuse me but don't women participate in these activities as well?

The company also announced that it would be re-running its rosé over ice campaign, Rosé on the Rocks, in the on-trade following success last year. This year over 3,500 outlets will be involved in the campaign over the summer months. Presumably – as it's pink – this will be aimed at women? How cliché can you get?

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Zabeton 2.0 said...

That is just strategies to call the attention's customer. Obviously, both men and women, will be interested to taste why a wine must be exclusive for men, increasing the sale an revenues in the introduction of this new prduct. Just strategies.

(sorry for any grammatical mistake)