Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rum Soap

I love the smell of rum – in fact rum and raisin ice cream used to be one of my favourites just because of its scent. Calabash Handmade make a Caribbean Bay Rum Soap that smells good enough to eat - fragranced with their of Bay Rum from Dominica, in the Caribbean. It's a blend of West Indian Bay, spicy cloves, cinnamon and lime made with bentonite clay which makes it the perfect natural handmade shaving soap.

At Calabash owner Sharron Hardy was inspired by memories of her parents’ homeland in Dominica whilst creating her products and she mimicked those familiar delicious, warm tropical scents and fragrances in her formulas. Sharron only uses natural oils in her handmade soap, made from plant oils and extracts, botanicals, aromatherapy blends of pure essential oils and high quality fragrance oils. Calabash uses the Cold Process Soap making method which retains all the natural skin conditioning glycerine released from the oils that are normally removed from commercial soaps.

Commercial soaps are manufactured from a ready made base derived from cheap animal fat, foaming agents and detergents. All the natural skin nourishing glycerine is actually often removed and sold on to be added to other cosmetics and toiletries. Because Calabash's soaps are pure and natural they can be used on your face (avoiding the eye area) without that horrible, familiar dryness and tightening of the skin associated with regular detergent based commercial soap.

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