Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Row Over Rosé Wine

France is the world's biggest producer of Rosé wine and Provence is the biggest Rosé producer in France. There has recently been a row between French Rosé wine makers and the EU (see Nick's Blog The Row Over Rosé – France v the EU). The EU planned to let producers make Rosé by mixing red and white wine together.

Good quality Rosés are made by the traditional saignée method which involves leaving the wine on the lees to achieve depth of flavour and structure. Making Rosé simply by blending red and white wines, as some producers do for mass markets, would lower the quality of the wine, damage the brand and create job losses within the industry. Due to the growing furore over the situation the EU is making a special designation for French Rosé to distinguish it from products made simply by mixing red and white wines.

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