Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Rosé Wines from Around the World

There are less Rosé wine producing countries than for the reds and whites, but this includes countries such as France, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Greece, South Africa, USA and Argentina.

France produces the most Rosé and some of the best come from the Loire Valley (Rosé d'Anjou is one you will recognise) and the southern areas of the Languedoc and Provence (especially from the areas of Tavel and Bandol). The appellation of Tavel is the only one in France to specify Rosé as its sole authorised wine.

I was surprised to see Greece included as a Rosé producing country but given that Greece has over 300 indigenous grape varieties, and a history of wine making that dates back to almost 4,000 years I suppose I shouldn't be.

Spanish Rosés are called Rosados and the better ones come from the Navarra region north of the Rioja, and are made of the Grenache grape. Italian Rosés are difficult to find and are called Rosato - look for ones that come from the Puglia and Basilicata region. In addition to rivers (perhaps torrents) of blush wine, California also makes a fair amount of dry Rosé.

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