Monday, 23 March 2009

Pink Champagne Soap

Having found soaps made from wine and beer I decided to go on a mission to see what else is out there online. Here in the UK we are a little behind the USA which has lots of soaps, beauty products and cosmetics on a wine or alcohol theme but I found a couple of gems.

It's hard to find a Champagne soap that actually contains champagne but the Littlecote Soap Co has a brilliant range of handmade soaps. The Pink Champagne soap really does contain champagne:

Fresh, light, sparkling and uplifting with a tiny hint of fruitiness. Pink Champagne Soaps are clear pale pink made with real Champagne and a touch of glitter.

Littlecote Soap Co is set in the heart of the English countryside, in Buckinghamshire's Vale of Aylesbury on a working farm. The vintage, apothecary style shop and workshops are popular with visitors who enjoy viewing the herbs and ingredients on display. They use both ancient and contemporary methods with an emphasis on natural, pure ingredients with no harsh chemicals. The natural bath and body care luxuries are all still carefully made by hand, individually hand-cut, hand-poured and hand-wrapped.

The soap sounds lovely – it would be perfect relaxing in a candle lit bath sipping the real thing! If you like fruit driven Rosé Champagne check out Philippe Secondes – it's very moreish!

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Elaine Stavert said...

Indeed you can now relax in a candlelit bath - with one of our new Pink Champagne soya candles - sipping a glass of bubbly, whilst soaking in bubbly!

If Pink Champagne isn't your thing, you could always try our Gin & Tonic range (yes, it really does contain a dash of gin!)

The Littlecote Soap Co.