Monday, 9 February 2009

Turning White Wine Into Snow

Did you know that Instant Snow Polymer can turn white wine into snow – not that I recommend you do it!

When water is added to this granular white powder, it instantly expands to 40 times its original volume, producing a snow-like material. This artificial "snow" is fluffy and can be readily poured. When wet, it adheres well to boots and is very slippery. It was used in Steven Spielberg's mini-series, Band of Brothers and is becoming popular as an artificial base for skiers. You can carry almost two cubic meters of snow in your briefcase; just add water!


Laurel said...

Hi Sue. I have used Insta-Snow for years in my classroom and with my kids at home. I'm not sure where you purchased yours, but I have found the best snow at a good price at Steve Spangler's website - I never thought of "growing" it with wine. I may have to try that and other liquids. You have inspired me to experiment. What did it look like with the wine? Was it sticky?

Stacy said...

That's amazing! Will definitely try it with white wine.......Hope, i like it!