Friday, 13 February 2009

The Meaning of Roses on Valentine's Day

Roses have been used symbolically for centuries - the Romans used rose petals to throw over their floors, their heroes, even their wine. In Medieval times it was common to carve a rose into the ceiling of a meeting room as this meant that the conversation in the room should be secret (which is where the Latin term for keeping it quiet - ‘sub rosa’ comes from) .

Red roses mean "love and passion" but did you know that different shades of roses signify different meanings? Deep purple red roses mean love at first sight, pink roses symbolise happiness and gentleness, white roses stand for worthiness and loyalty, apricot coloured roses signify the desire to get to know you better and yellow roses mean friendship.

Offering someone a single rose rather than a bouquet can speak volumes about the message that you are trying to convey. A single red rose traditionally means that you are deeply in love with someone while a mixed bouquet containing both red and white roses signifies unity. For people with marriage on their mind, two roses entwined to form one single stem is said to represent a deep commitment and hints at an engagement or intention to marry.

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