Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Drinks That Were Made Famous - Dubonnet

The late Queen Mother was a loyal fan of a daily gin and Dubonnet. In 2008 a hand written note from the Queen Mother instructing her former royal page William Tallon to pack Dubonnet and gin for an outing sold for £16,000. The letter was the most expensive item among 700 mementoes collected by Mr Tallon that went under the hammer. Mr Tallon worked for the Royal Household for 51 years and later became the Queen Mother's Steward.

Dubonnet was first sold in 1846 by Joseph Dubonnet and is now owned by Pernod Ricard. It's apparently the favourite tipple of the French Foreign Legion. It's a wine based aperitif and is made by combining white and red grapes from the Mediterranean area and Roussillon and is flavoured with a secret mixture of herbs and spices (quinquina bark, bitter orange peel, camomile, cinnamon and green coffee).

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