Thursday, 22 January 2009

Drinks That Were Made Famous - Blue Nun and Victoria Beckham

In 2004 Victoria Beckham stunned everyone at a photo shoot by sending out for two bottles of Blue Nun wine. It turns out that the sweet white wine is one of Victoria's favourite drinks. Fashion is a fickle thing and wines that were the in thing one minute soon become the one item that you wouldn't dream of being associated with the next. Back in the 70s Blue Nun was the popular toast at any dinner party and then its street cred dropped. Now a new generation of wine drinkers – who won't remember their fall from fame – are being encouraged to try the revamped wines which have undergone the vintners equivalent of a makeover.

Like Black Tower, Blue Nun has added to its repertoire with a rosé – Blue Nun Pink - and is reaching out to the bling market with Gold Edition, a sparkling wine which contains fine flakes of 22-carat gold leaf, designed to “highlight its natural effervescence.” Personally gold flakes in wine do nothing for me – it's the wine in the bottle that counts and I don't fancy picking gold leaf out of my teeth!

Blue Nun was launched by the company Sichel in 1923 with the 1921 vintage, and which between the 1950s and 1980s was probably the largest international wine brand. Beginning in the 1950s, Blue Nun was advertised as a wine that could be drunk throughout an entire meal, thereby eliminating the often intimidating problem of wine and food pairing. Blue Nun can be said to have been the first wine to have been produced and effectively marketed with an international mass market in mind.

After World War II, the brand became spectacularly popular in the UK and the USA, selling for the same price as a second growth red Bordeaux!

There is no doubt that German wine is making a comeback in the UK thanks to better wine making practices and a drier wine style however I am not sure that wine in a can or that wine with gold flakes will stand the test of time.

Will I be blogging in 10 years time about these retro wines and their gimmicks? I don't think so. Though Victoria Beckham may still get a mention!

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