Monday, 29 December 2008

Champagne Gets Sexier with Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova

German designer Karl Lagerfeld has designed a Champagne Bowl that’s moulded from Claudia Schiffer’s Breast for Moët & Chandon. It is a reinterpretation of an iconic 1787 dining service made especially for Queen Marie Antoinette. Reportedly, that bowl was the exact size of Antoinette’s breast. Legend has it that it was the exact size of one of her breasts, and used, in turn, to model the well-known coupe-shaped Champagne glass. The bowl, which comes with a stand of three porcelain replicas of Dom Pérignon and a platter bearing the signatures of Lagerfeld and Schiffer, sells for over £2160.00 with a bottle of 1995 Dom Pérignon Oenothèque.

Both Schiffer and Lagerfeld have had a long association with Dom Perignon, the former appearing in a series of ever-more suggestive ads for the brand. Last September Supermodel Eva Herzigova (who became a household name after winning the Wonderbra contract, thanks to a 30ft billboard displaying her assets with the caption 'Hello Boys') featured in a series of eye-popping poses in a provocative new advert for Dom Pérignon champagne.

However in October the British Advertising Standards Authority banned an advert for Saile and Sabga Champagne for being over the top. The image depicted a bikini-clad woman emptying the bottle over a man's torso and was deemed to be a metaphor for seduction. The ad appeared in Ryanair's in-flight magazine and is now forbidden to be used again.

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