Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bonfire Night, Meteors and Champagne!

This is the night when Dads all over the world come into their own. I think there must be an in-built pyromaniac inside every man on the planet. In the Summer they are the Kings of the Barbeque and in Winter they are the Lords of the Bonfire - and any other incendiary device they can lay their hands on. This year – if you are lucky – you might catch sight of a celestial display taking place in space between the glittering bursts of fire works. The Taurid meteor shower is expected to be particularly good this year with meteors shooting across the sky and fire balls brighter than Venus.

The Taurid meteors are named after the constellation Taurus, because their paths can be traced back to that area of sky. They are sometimes known as Halloween Fire Balls and could have been responsible for the Star of Bethlehem.

So, given this dazzling display in the heavens what wine would you drink under the stars? Why, Champagne of course! Dom Perignon, the French Benedictine Monk credited with creating the first Champagne cried out “Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!” when he saw the bubbles sparkling in his wine.

Champagnes to toast the shooting stars with are the Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut made from the red grape Pinot Noir. It is the colour of gold with fine bubbles with the intoxicating scent of spices, wheat, fresh flowers, plums and white fruits. Alternatively Champagne Grand-Reserve Brut has a drier, lighter taste being made with 33% Chardonnay and 72% Pinot Noir. It has an intense bouquet of fruit and a lovely lingering full bodied dry aftertaste.

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