Friday, 17 October 2008

Save £40 on Wine at Bordeaux-Undiscovered

The credit crunch is hurting everyone's pocket at the moment so Nick has decided to hold a sale where you can get some real bargains before Christmas. We buy our wines at wholesale prices and pass this price on to our customers. It means Bordeaux-Undiscovered's margins are very small but our principles are that once you have tasted the wines you will come back for more. Indeed this is true of most of our customers. The wines that we choose to sell are exclusively from small production châteaux who use traditional methods. This way we can promote some superb small producers and introduce people to excellent wines who will hopefully fall in love with them.

The Autumn Savers include:

SAVE £40 on Bin End Cases - cases of selected wines £30 less than recommended retail price PLUS £10 Discount Voucher. This offer applies only to full cases (12 bottles) of Château Au Berton, Château Saint Thibeaud and Clos Bernasse. Voucher number BU40

£10 Discount Voucher on ALL orders (excluding those already discounted). Voucher Number BU10

FREE DELIVERY on selected wines.
This offer applies to only full cases (12 bottles) of Marquis de Perissac and Château Graves de Barrau. Voucher number BUFD

SPECIAL OFFER £20 for 12 bottles of white Bordeaux suitable for cooking

To use your discount vouchers all you need to do is add the voucher code into the specified "voucher redeem” area and the discount will be applied upon completing your order at the checkout!

You will also find a selection of Autumn Cases which are reduced by up to 30%:

Autumn Warmers Case £55.92 – 30% (£24) off RRP
Selection of Bordeaux red wines

Bordeaux Autumn Berries Case £60.99 – 26% (£21) off RRP
Selection of Bordeaux red wines, rosés and clairets

Bordeaux Autumn Cheers Case £82.40 – 30% (£35) off RRP
Selection of Bordeaux red and white wines

One of the lowest priced wines at Bordeaux-Undiscovered is Prince de Prieur at £3.25 – it is a delicious wine and several wine critics have commented on its quality at such a cheap price:

Paula Goddard, wine columnist for, has this to say:
Prince De Prieur Vin de Table Français Rouge, France. (11.5%) £3.25
The matching red wine from the range makes a nonsense of many ‘cheap’ £4.99 supermarket own-label quaffing wines. Why pay more, when you can get a very acceptable fruity red for £3.25?”

Jonathan Ray at the Daily Telegraph has recommended our Château Chadeuil(£4.85) as being incredible value for money:
“I've no idea why this is so cheap, but cheap it is and well worth snapping up. A blend of 60 per cent Merlot, 20 per cent Cabernet Sauvignon and 20 per cent Cabernet Franc from a fine vintage, this AC Bordeaux could give far better-known clarets a run for their money. Serve with confidence at dinner parties; nobody need know how little you paid.”

Andrew Barrow, of Spittoon, had this to say about our Montagnac Range (£4.75):
"Judging an independent wine merchant on its cheapest wines is a great indication of the overall care the merchant puts into its overall range. It is relatively easy to list great wines at the £10/£20/£30 price range but much harder to find something exclusive at under a fiver that is not one of the huge brands available from everywhere else. If consideration has been given to the most basic of wines you should trust the choices at higher prices too. These wines come in at under five pounds a bottle. All are available from run by the able hands, and discerning palate, of Nick Stephens.”

Bordeaux-Undiscovered aims to get the wines to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends) and we use special carriers so there is no waiting around for your wines to be delivered. There is no need to worry if you have to dash out shopping as you can leave instructions as to where the wines can be left if you are out.

This year we are giving 3 free Wine Pourers away with each case. If you haven't seen one before they are a metallic disc that you curl round to fit in the neck of the bottle to avoid spilling any wine. They're sometimes called Drop Stops and have become so popular that millions are sold globally. They're ideal as a stocking filler but also make a nice extra if you are giving a bottle of wine as a Christmas present.


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