Friday, 31 October 2008

New Wines for Christmas – M de Malle

M de Malle is one of Nick's recent discoveries – it is a dry White Graves wine originating in the Graves appellation vineyards of Château de Malle. It's a brilliant green tinted gold and is fresh, fine and elegant with hints of white blossoms, exotic fruits, spice and good lemon acidity. Château de Malle is a classified historic monument and is an exquisite residence surrounded by magnificent Italian style gardens. It produces a Second Growth (2ème Cru) Sauternes and has remained in the same family without ever changing hands. If you would like to know more check out Nick's Blog: Discovering M de Malle.

Château de Malle was built at the beginning of the 17th century by Jacques de Malle, a descendant of an old Preignac family and President of the Parliament of Bordeaux. Jacques de Malle is the direct ancestor of the family of the Counts of Bournazel.

The Italian gardens of Château de Malle have been classified an historic monument in the same way as the Château itself. These gardens extend over 14 acres and are modelled on the Florentine parks. The gardens are aligned onto two terraces bordered by sculptures by Italian artists brought to Guyenne at the beginning of the 17th Century by the Duke of Epernon who was at the same time building his own château at Cadillac on the opposite bank of the Garonne. The stone sculptures represent figures taken from Greek and Roman mythology, Cephale and Aurora, Cupid or even Zephyr, as well as Flora, the Italic goddess of flowers and gardens. Also Venus regarding her lover Adonis. There are also a group of figures inspired by regional influences, such as the work in the vineyards, the pleasures of hunting and fishing as well as representations of wine themes and of inebriation!

M de Malle is ideal with sea food and grilled meats - why not visit the Recipes at Bordeaux-Undiscovered to discover some great food and wine pairing ideas for this wine?

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