Thursday, 30 October 2008

New Wines for Christmas – Château Pessan

Château Pessan 2005 will be arriving at Bordeaux-Undiscovered's wine shop in the first week of November and this is the first time this super red from Graves will be sold in the UK. Château Pessan is made from 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and ages very well indeed – if you can resist the urge to drink it straight away! It is a velvety wine, deep and dense, perfectly balanced with hints of black fruits, spice, coffee, smoke, eucalyptus, pepper and oak. The wine is a superb buy and is starting to attract attention on the world market. If you would like to know more check out Nick's Blog: Discovering Château Pessan.

The history of the stronghold of Château Pessan through the centuries is closely linked to the small town of Portets on the left bank of the River Garonne. Portets was settled by the Romans who established vineyards and river trading ports there and is home to Château Mongenan and its famous botanical gardens inspired by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In the 16th century Henri IV ordered a watch tower to be built at Château Pessan due to its proximity to the properties of the Baron de Gascq in order to keep an eye on his vassal. Today the watch tower guards the vineyards.

In 1999 the Comtes de Bournazel of Château de Malle bought Château Pessan and embarked on intensive restoration of the ruined Château dating from the time of Louis XIV. Paul-Henry Bournazel took over in 2006 and renovated the chai and cellars built in the 18th century. At the same time Paul-Henry concentrated his efforts on improving the wine and vineyards. The wine was not marketed until 2002 until Paul-Henry was satisfied of its quality – this paid off and the Château has won several awards for its wines since its release.

Paul-Henry suggests that Château Pessan will accompany pheasant, partridge and guinea fowl, lamb and steak as well as stuffed oysters, crystallized fruits and cheese - why not visit the Recipes at Bordeaux-Undiscovered to discover some great food and wine pairing ideas for this wine?

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