Friday, 19 September 2008

Red Wine As A Flu Vaccine

New studies have revealed that the common flu can be fended off by quercetin, a naturally occurring substance found in fruits and vegetables, which actually impedes the development of the influenza virus. Researchers from the University of South Carolina and Clemson University have discovered an easily accessible and cheap immunization with no negative side effects that is readily present in your supermarket - fruits and vegetables.

Quercetin (a close chemical relative of resveratrol) is found in red onions, grapes, blueberries, tea, broccoli and red wine, among other fruits and vegetables. The study was conducted using two groups of mice, each inoculated with the flu, with only one group given quercetin. After the mice engaged in exercise until exhaustion to stimulate stress, scientists not only found that the quercetin had protective effects for the mice against the flu, but also that it cancelled out the effects of stress.

Back in 2002 scientists in Spain reported that drinking red wine seems to stop people from developing colds. The evidence came from a year long study of 4000 volunteers. Experts at 5 universities found that people who drank more than 2 glasses of red wine a day had 44% fewer colds than teetotallers. Drinking one glass of red wine a day also protected against colds, but to a lesser extent.

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