Thursday, 4 September 2008

Champagne Roses

The Champagne House Taittinger asked David Austen Roses to create a rose in honour of Thibaut IV, Count of Champagne (1201-1253). The president of Taittinger, M Claude Taittinger, is a descendant of Thiabaut IV, and who introduced R. gallica Officinalis (The Apothecary's Rose) from Damascus on his return from the 7th Cruscade in 1250. He was a great lover of roses and wrote about them in his poetry.

The result was R. Comtes de Champagne which has flowers of a rich yellow colouring that gradually turn to a pale yellow as they open. They form a perfect open cup, with a 'mop' of stamens of deepest yellow. The rose has a delicious honey and musk fragrance that complements the flower to perfection.

David Austen also offer another Champagne inspired rose – R. Champagne Moment which is a beautiful Floribunda rose with an abundance of large blooms that are a delicate apricot petals that fade out to ivory as they age. The rose has a sweet fragrance and won Rose of the Year in 2006.

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