Sunday, 10 August 2008

Vino & Moda – the Argentinian Wine and Fashion Show

Isn't it about time that Paris caught up with the rest of the world and held a Wine and Fashion Show? Argentina held Vino & Moda in Buenos Aires this June which was an event designed (in more ways than one) to merge the world of wine and the fashion in matters related to the senses, colours and textures.

The country’s most prestigious designers and their models represented the characteristics of Argentine wines alongside a parade of the best Argentinian wine. Wine tastings were held, innovative sensory games were conducted by enologists – serenaded by the Buenos Aires Symphonic Orchestra and entertained by Tango and Ballet Dancers.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Paris did the same? Bordeaux holds the fantastic Fete le Vin - crammed with attractions, concerts, light shows, fire works, tall ships, barrel rolling races, parades and, of course, wine! I think Paris is letting the French wine industry down by excluding it from their Haute Couture!

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