Monday, 25 August 2008

Snow Grouse Whiskey

Drinks on ice are the “in thing” at the moment with some brands even adapting their products to be served directly over ice such as Stormhoek's Couture and Piper-Heidsieck Champagne's Piscine. People often pop vodka in the freezer during the summer – but never whiskey. Famous Grouse is looking to change all that and has launched the first Scotch whisky created to be served chilled straight from the freezer. Snow Grouse will be sold exclusively to international travel retailers for the first 6 months and distributed through Maxxium Global Travel Retail.

Snow Grouse is the second whiskey to be added to the Famous Grouse Portfolio – the other being Black Grouse which is rich, deep, spicy sweet and smoky, and is designed to be served on the rocks.

Snow Grouse is named for the ptarmigan which lives in the Highlands of Scotland,. It is made from grain spirit and matured in oak casks before being gently chill filtered,. It is a pale straw colour, smooth,has sweet vanilla flavours and is described as having a sweet gloopy mouth feel.

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Anonymous said...

WhiskEy is Irish and Snow Grouse is most definitely Scotch Whisky. Note no E in the Whisky of Scotch.
From a proud Scotswoman.