Friday, 22 August 2008

Cucumber Vodka

I don't know why the spirits industry believe that all women like their drinks pink and sickly – maybe I am just the odd one out. Square One has introduced a Cucumber Vodka that sounds delicious. Square One was founded a couple of years ago by Allison Evanow who is devoted to culinary-style cocktails and innovative organic spirits with an eco-conscious mindset.

Square One Cucumber Vodka is aromatic and fresh and is made with the essence of organic cucumber and certified organic American rye vodka. To keep cucumber's fresh aroma, Square One applied the same skills used to capture the aromatics of flowers and plants in natural fragrances.

Rye is a challenging grain for bread makers as well as vodka producers because of its dense fibre structure. Nevertheless, vodka lovers favour it for its nutty, complex flavour profile as compared to corn, wheat and other grains. The rye used in Square One is grown on the plains of North Dakota and the water used comes from the watershed of the nearby Teton Mountains.

They also dispel the myths about distillation – the best vodkas are not necessarily those that are the most distilled. The fact is, distillation is used to remove impurities from vodka. Square One believe that this means that the more times you distil it, the more individual personality you distil out of it. Square One receives such a clean fermentation that it needs only a short time in a 4-column distiller to emerge with sparkling clarity leaving its flavour intact. The vodka is filtered only once, and through a simple micro-paper filter rather different to Diva's triple distilled vodka filtered through Nordic birch charcoal, and gems including diamonds, rubies, emeralds!

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