Friday, 27 June 2008

Philippe Dufrenoy – The Man Who Paints With Wine

Philippe Dufrenoy is an unusual – and talented – artist who paints with wine. His story begins in the year 200 when the 53-year-old engineer living in Bordeaux, lost his job. Sitting in a café, solemnly meditating on how to get his life back on track, a glass of red wine changed his life forever.

Just to keep his fingers busy, he dipped a brush into the glass and drew a garnet sketch with the luscious red grape wine. This was the first time Philippe Dufrenoy, now the world’s famous and only wine artiste, stumbled upon his craft.

Dufrenoy only paints with very strong, young wine. Older wine fades faster and loses colour quickly. He uses either wine from Bordeaux or California. His colour palette ranges from garnet to cranberry.

He has painted several châteaux and vintners in Bordeaux including Anthony Barton from Château Leoville Barton, Alfred Tesseron from Château Pontet Canet and Château Figeac using their own wines.

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