Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Champagne By the Seaside and Dessert Barbeques

If you are pushing the boat out this summer and are looking for a great bottle of champagne to accompany a BBQ on the beach then I can heartily recommend Philippe Seconde's Authentic Rosé Brut (£18.49). It is wonderful with grilled fish and poultry and has the depth to accompany creamy sauces. However it is also superb with grilled fruits and desserts. Not many people think of using their barbeques to cook a dessert but there are some fantastic recipes which you can make which are zesty and refreshing – a pick me up after a day's surfing or swimming!

The Authentic Rosé Brut is a Champagne for all occasions, from 'tea time' to dawn. It is a fabulous, almost strawberry in colour rosé champagne with plenty of fine, lively bubbles. On the nose its full of fruit and berries and in the mouth its becomes a full bodied fruity almost 'Kir Royale' taste with the dryness of the Pinot Noir lingering through. The Authentic Rosé Brut is also a rarity. Done by saignée-by skin contact, instead of by mixing red and white wine as is done almost everywhere else in Champagne, this champagne requires very ripe fruit of impeccable colour and health.

Philippe Secondé is one of the finest and most serious growers in the great Pinot Noir Grand Cru village of Bouzy and his Champagnes are exquisite. Philippe is an oenologist by training and a descendant of Edmond Barnaut, who founded the domain in 1874. Barnaut, a textile magnate, ploughed his fortune into his vines, which he acquired after marrying an heiress to vineyards in Bouzy. The caves of Champagne Barnaut, metres underground, are beautiful. Bouzy is famous for Pinot Noir of enormous personality, ripeness and richness. Try it with Barbequed Peaches and Pineapples !

Barbequed Peaches and Pineapples

4 peaches
1 ripe pineapple
5 tbsp unsalted butter3 tbsps brown sugar2 tbsp fresh lime juice
Pinch freshly ground black pepper

Cut the peaches in half and remove and discard the pits. Place the halves in a medium bowl. In a small saucepan set over low heat, melt the butter and brown sugar together. Coat the peaches with the butter mixture. Lie the pineapple on its side. Using a large, sharp knife, trim about 1 inch from the bottom of the pineapple. Cut the rest of the pineapple, including the crown of leaves, in half lengthways. Then cut each half in half, being careful to keep some of the crown attached to each wedge. Using a brush, spread some of the glaze over the flesh. Barbeque.

Images Courtesy of www.flickr.com

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