Friday, 20 June 2008

Champagne and Pearl Shampoos

We see luxury items added to everything these days – diamonds and lotus flowers in fabric conditioner for example. Now hair care has gone up scale and outrageously luxurious. D'Arcy Crushed Pearl Shampoo, and Champagne Conditioner, £43.75, combine glamour and hair nutrition using two key ingredients: champagne and pearls.

The shampoo contains crushed pearl powder, shea butter and herbal sunflower seed extracts, while the conditioner contains champagne and de-oiled French grape seeds. I can understand how the champagne and grape seeds can help your hair as a well kept secret of the French is to use champagne as a rinse for blond hair. But crushed pearls? Does anyone know what they are supposed to do (apart from cost a lot?)

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Quail said...

Can you recommend any Fairtrade wines? I've tried several already (Waitrose, Sainsbury's etc) but wondered if you were a fan of ethical wines. Ta!