Sunday, 25 May 2008

Bordeaux Châteaux - Château d'Agassac

Château d'Agassac is a splendid château dating back to feudal times in the 14th century, which rests on an even earlier site. According to local tradition, a Latin inscription indicates that Château d’Agassac’s underground tunnels date back to the 11th century. The Château and vineyards are located in Ludon, in the southern part of Ludon Medoc. It takes its name from the first known lord of the manor, Gaillard de Gassac. These vast underground tunnels are still used to day to cellar the wines. Before the French revolution Château d'Agassac was named Château Pomiès but it has reverted to its more ancient name in recent times.

The motto of the Château is “the irreverent Bordeaux” due to its free thinking and open spirited principles. The château holds various events including open air concerts, cinema, adventure trials, themed wine and chocolate tasting and even paints itself with flowers for the traditional Fête de la Fleur celebrating the flowering of the vine. (Not literally – it's a light display!). The château has received the Best of Wine Tourism Award for excellence and is definitely worth looking up if you are on holiday in Bordeaux.


Baa Baa Raa said...

Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Sabine J???... this is her family's chateau. She was my French teacher back at UC Berkeley.

Sue said...


I would suggest going to the Chateau website and sending them a message on their Contact Us Page - here is the link

Agassac was purchased by Groupama Assurances in 1996 but they may be able to contact Sabine for you - or staff will be able to put you in touch with a contact address for her . . . most families, chateau owners, negotiants and wine makers know each other.

Hope this helps