Friday, 4 April 2008

Cork Houses, Boats and Chairs

Bill and Jodi Butterworth from South Carolina have constructed a 4 foot house made from wine corks inside their living room. A balcony is made of Yellow Tail corks. A wall is constructed from Barefoot corks. The yellow, plastic sofa in front of the fire place? It’s made of cork. So is the hot tub. And the pool table, minus the felt and matchstick cues.

However John Pollack and Garth Goldstein went one step further and created a boat from corks in 2002. The two-ton, 27-foot craft was made of 165,321 corks and the pair set sail from the northern Portuguese city of Barca d'Alva, near the Spanish border, where hundreds of Portuguese gathered to watch them embark upon an improbable, 17-day journey on the Douro River.

Luxist has spotted a Champagne Cork and Cage set from Michael Chiarello's home furnishings company Napa Style. The cork stool in bright orange is not made of cork but of polyethylene and the stool is made of chromed steel. The fun part is that the two pieces can function as one unit or a separate stool and a table.

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