Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Bordeaux Wines and Barbeques, Wild Whites

Spring has descended with a burst of blossom this year and everything is flowering at once. The weather is perfect for barbequing and Bordeaux is perfect for barbeques!

Subtlety goes out the window when it comes to barbecue wines. Instead you want bright, bold flavours that can cope with charred meats, punchy marinades, salsas and salad dressings. As a good rule of thumb when it comes to great barbecue wines, look to the great barbequers of the world – the alfresco European style of food comes second nature to the French and we can learn a lot from their example.

Wild Whites

White wines to go wild about are those that reflect the feast of fragrances around you. Sauvignon Blanc with its zingy fresh lemon flavours works well with barbecued seafood, especially with oily fish such as sardines and mackerel. Chateau Saint Thibeaud is a good choice and goes well with barbequed tuna. However if you want a more tropical fruit flavour then wines made from the Semillon grape add a whoosh of lychee, pineapple and peach.

Nick has found some excellent wines from the Entre Deux Mers region – not far away from Cadillac – south east of Bordeaux. These wines are made from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon and melt in the mouth with soft juicy fruits edged with the aromas of grapefruit, lemon and lime.

Chateau Sainte Marie has wonderful fragrance in which the citrus notes really stand out and Domaine de Ricaud smells of summer blossoms. Chateau Tours Capoux has the extra element of the Muscadelle grape which has the perfume of acacia. The wine is bright, light and subtle – perfect for a sunny afternoon.

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