Sunday, 23 March 2008

Sauvignon Blanc – A Walk on the Wild Side

Sauvignon Blanc literally means “wild white” in French and it originates from Bordeaux and south west France. It makes the famous white wines of Bordeaux (Château Margaux's Pavillon Blanc), Pouilly Fumé and Sancerre in the Loire Valley and the great dessert wines of Sauternes (Château d'Yquem being the most famous) and Barsac.

The flavours of Sauvignon Blanc depend very much on where it is grown and on what soil. It has a natural acidity and is used in dry, medium, sweet and sparkling wines . Sauvignon Blanc can have the taste of freshly mown grass, gooseberries, elderflower, apples, green peppers and lemons. However it can also have the flavours of passion fruit, melon, vanilla and dried fruits. The dessert wines taste of honey, candied fruits, toasted nuts and dried pineapple. Pouilly Fumé is made on Sauvignon Blanc grown on flinty soil with deposits of limestone and has a smoky, gun flint flavour - hence Fumé, the French word for "smoke" was attached to the wine.

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