Monday, 24 March 2008

Montagnac Sauvignon Blanc

Montagnac Sauvignon Blanc (£4.75) is quite simply my favourite white wine of the moment. It's a pale yellow gold, with an attractive light orange tinge. It has aromas of honey, peach, apple and orange peel with smoky and floral hints. In the mouth it has flavours of zesty lemon, herbs and spice, and a touch of caramel and crystallised fruit. Soft but certainly not creamy, with superb balance and a very decent length.

It's made in the Languedoc which has been one of France's up and coming wine regions for a while now. Blessed with some fantastic terroirs and micro-climates this is one of the most southern parts of France, facing the Mediterranean and looking on to the Pyrenees. Produced by a small co-operative dating back to the 1930s the vineyards stretch from the banks of Thau Lagoon to the foothills of the mountains on the right bank of the River Hérault.

The vines are grown in small parcels on old terraces on limestone and clay slopes and are pruned using the Cordon de Royat which means that a single spur is trained along a wire allowing for plenty of sunlight to ripen the grapes and greater control over yields. The co-operative's motto is “the terroir of the sea” as the warm breezes from the Mediterranean nurture their grapes.
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Jennifer said...

I rarely drink white wine but this sounds very intriguing!