Thursday, 6 March 2008

Dr. Dre Launches Sparkling Vodka

Dr Dre, the famous rapper and record executive (who is known for producing Eminen, 50 Cent and his step brother Snoop Dog) has branched into the drinks industry. He is partnering with Drinks Americas (the same people behind Trump Vodka, Willie Nelson's Old Whiskey River Bourbon and Paul Newman’s Lightly Sparkling Fruit Juice Drinks and Flavoured Waters) on a new line of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

The first products will be a premium cognac selection, followed by a sparkling vodka. He also has plans to create a tequila.

My first thought is “what in earth is sparkling vodka?” Vodka and Soda? (Yuck). There is only one other Sparkling Vodka I can find and that is Vodka O2. It is made by International English Distillers who claim it is the world's first 80 proof sparkling vodka. It took 18 months to develop the process that puts oxygen bubbles into the smooth tasting vodka to leave a lightly effervescent texture that gently tingles on the tongue.

This British vodka is produced predominately from wheat and a small amount of malted barley and is distilled and filtered three times in 100 year old copper pot stills.

The makers have created a range of over 20 original vodka based cocktails they call Tapastini, inspired by Spanish tapas. The classic vodka Martini is served with tasters of complimentary foods either presented on a cocktail stick or placed in the vodka, for example a Caviartini or Sushitini and for the sweeter tooth Jellybinis and Truffletini.

I like Vodka but I am afraid I am just not a Jellybini kind of girl! And as for Dr Dre – talented genius he may be – but there is a lot of competition there, eg: Damon Dash's Armadale Vodka, Jay-Z's Cognac, and Dipset's Sizzurp Purple Punch Liqueur. . .

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Jeannie said...

I am so late with my blogging and comments so will take these posts one chunk at a time!

This one interested me because like you I am not a jellybini gal!

My kids all drink weird and wonderful concoctions, but IMHO, a vodka and slimline tonic, over ice with a slice of lemon, is the best.

Have you ever seen "orange lemons", my local greengrocer had them, same shape as lemons but orange in colour.

Delicious sliced into a G and T.

Not so good to eat though, quite sour!

Sue said...

Hi Jeannie,

Orange Lemons are new to me! I will have to hunt them out. There are a number of wierd and wonderful fruits about - especially in the USA - I wrote a blog on the "Grapple" not so long back which covered the crosses between nectarines, peaches, plums and apricots.

Thanks for the tip!