Saturday, 15 March 2008

Aromatic Pinot Auxerrois

Pinot Auxerrois is thought to have originated in Lorraine, rather than near Auxerre, the town from whence it takes its name. Auxerre is a commune in the Bourgogne region of central France more famous now for its Chablis. Pinot Auxerrois is found in Alsace, located on the border between France and Germany. It makes aromatic, dry, crisp, full bodied wines with balanced acidity and flavours from honey through to asparagus, dependent on the method of production. It can have hints of peach, pear, nectarine and almond.

Recent DNA fingerprinting suggests that it is a cross dating from Medieval times between the Gouais Blanc grape and Pinot Noir with the same ancestry as Chardonnay. It's quite rare with only about 500 acres planted world wide. Being softer in texture and lower in acidity it is used as a blend to make the sparkling Alsatian wines known as Crémant.

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