Saturday, 16 February 2008

Wines For Women has reported that a French wine merchant has developed a new range of wines aimed at women – who it says make up Britain's largest wine market. The company, WineSight, has nearly 30 wines sourced from around France under the label Sublimelle - which has no connection to the French lingerie label of the same name.

The company is also targeting British women as ideal customers, on the basis that they have more say in wine-buying decisions. I agree with that – however I am not too sure that I like the idea of having wines tailored for me. It's a little patronising don't you think?

WineSight says that 'numerous studies' show that women's taste buds react differently to wines. The company quotes the Gault Millau guide, 'which found that women prefer supple wines' rather than wines with a lot of body.

The range is a “selection of silky and harmonious wines combining delicacy and a lot of nuances of aromas and flavours; wines that tend to reflect the image of the women and their contribution towards a more peaceful, balanced, elaborated and tolerant society.”

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Jeannie! said...

Yes, I am with you there, a wee bit patronising IMHO!