Friday, 1 February 2008

Wine Totes

Wine and Champagne totes are in vogue at the moment and there are plenty to suit every pocket. is a great hangbag site and recommends Annasuzanna. They've taken the concept of the wine bag as functional brown paper carrier, and put a gorgeous spin on it. A range of different looks, from the simple, classic black to the bubbly 'Nouveau', will allow you to turn up to any party and be the most stylish person there before you even take off your coat. Some are even adorned with Swarovski crystals.! Now your only worry is making sure the wine goes with the bag.

If designer labels are your desire then there is always the Moet and Chandon Picnic Bag by Alice Temperley. Temperley's bag is a metallic canvas carryall with a detachable champagne carrier. The bag will cost around £950 and are available at Temperley London stores.

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