Sunday, 24 February 2008

New Spanish Low Calorie Wine

A new low calorie wine has been produced in Spain as a result of the drought there. A vineyard in Jumilla, Murcia has come up with what it is calling ‘vino light’.

Altos de la Ermita has 6.5º of alcohol, half the normal amount for traditional wine and has, as a consequence, fewer calories. The 2006 Crianza is made from Monastrell, Tempranillo and Verdot grapes and the vine is starved of water for several hours a day when the grapes are maturing, to get the lower alcohol content.

The new light wine comes thanks to help in the research from the Murcia and Cartagena University and the Technological Development Centre which is part of the Ministry for Industry. 2.5 million € has been invested in the project and the first bottles go on sale in April.

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