Friday, 1 February 2008

Italian Shoes, Napa Cabernets and Asian Elephants

Napa Valley vintners, Carolyn and Perry Butler fell in love with the resident elephant when they visited Four Seasons Tented Camp and were looking for ways to contribute to the Camp's charity project. The Tented Camp forms one part of the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant foundation (GTAEF) which aims to rescue elephants off the streets of Thailand and provide them with a humane and natural environment in the jungles of the Golden Triangle.

Not satisfied with a straight forward donation, Perry decided to introduce a special Juslyn Vineyard 'Rescue' label in support of the Foundation. All of the proceeds of the 2001 Napa Blend, a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc blend will benefit GTAEF. The wine comes in a specially created wooden 'Elephant Rescue' box for shipment and cellaring.

Carolyn took her idea literally a step further and persuaded Italian designer Cesare Casadei to create an exclusive design for a select female clientele. This sexy peep-toe patent leather d'orsay pump with a black and white animal print comes with a 3.5 inch red heel and is presented in a unique 'Elephant Rescue' box. Again, all proceeds are being donated to the GTAEF rescue mission: or contact John Roberts at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

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