Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Ice Swine?

You may have heard of Wagyu or Kobe Beef where the cattle are fed on a diet laced with red wine to create a succulent – and very expensive – steak. Well now Berkshire pigs are being fed ice wine to achieve a similar gastronomic delight.

Berkshire pigs were reared in Ontario for 40 days on a barley soy bean mixture doused in 200 millilitres of ice wine a day. Rare Berkshire pigs, which originated in Britain, have a reputation for taking longer to fatten, but produce juicy, flavourful meat. Starting in December, farmer Kevin Rivers religiously poured his young pampered pigs a serving of a 2006 Trius Vidal Ice Wine, which sells for £25.00 per 375 ml bottle.

They were served up at Niagara-on-the-Lake's Hillebrand Restaurant and the chef, Frank Dodd, reassured the press that the pigs were not force fed the golden nectar:

"You can't get a 300-pound pig to do anything it doesn't want to do," Dodd said.

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Jeannie said...

One of my regular comments on my Dog Blog, is from a lovely Japanese lady who lives near Kobe.

She always has lovely pictures on her blog of food in Japan.

I am such a believer in animals being raised not only humanely, but with the best food. The meat is always so superior.

Jeannie ;0D