Monday, 18 February 2008

Glasses Made of Ice?

A company in the UK have come up with a novel way to keep your drink cold without the ice cubes melting and diluting it. Icydrink UK is actually an ice cone or moulded ice sleeve which sits inside a special, custom-made, non-drip 100ml glass – the ice slowly melts downwards, dripping into a space at the bottom of the glass. These sleeves are created by a machine which can fit on the bar top. However, the company is also able to provide any pub or bar with bulk supplies of the sleeves, should they be needed.

Pete Reynolds, managing director of Icydrink UK, told The Publican: “Thanks to its size the Icydrink glass is particularly good for champagne and cocktails. However, we have also found that if you want to serve something like iced coffees then it is perfect for that too.”

Indeed, last summer New York magazine named Icydrink as the best way of drinking iced coffee. The company says it has had a lot of success across Europe and has been a big hit in bars and hotels in cities ranging from Rome to Barcelona, Paris to Budapest.

A new sister product is also due to be launched - an ice shot glass. These are made using a different machine to the icy glass, but will undoubtedly be popular with pubs and bars that have a big spirits trade.

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Jeannie! said...

oh that is quite a good idea.

I will look out for it!!

Both my sons work in bars here in Scotland, so your Blog keeps me up to date with new stuff.

My middle son works full time in the trade.

I like this idea! Jeannie